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How about more support for working mums?

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Last week, a video did the rounds on WhatsApp. I received the same video eight times from different women which shows that somewhere along the line, that three minute clip hit a nerve, or perhaps three.


The video featured a group of successful career-women who lamented the fact that they have successful careers. It may have been tongue-in-cheek but it sure rattled chains and got my inner girl circle talking!


Working Mums’ Guilt is a very real, pervasive phenomenon. As society in general moves towards accepting – and to some degree, encouraging – women to craft their own careers and futures, no-one is on hand to provide you with the How To Deal With Working Mums’ Guilt Syndrome manual. Such tools would go a long way in empowering employed mothers.


As things stand, we are all amoeba-like in behaviour – replicating ourselves to fulfil the demands of being mum and an impactful member of the national workforce. It’s a do-or-die strategy really, and the fact that we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to be the best mum and the best boss/employee simply adds to the heady mix.


Slowly though, South Africa is becoming more receptive to the working mums conundrum. We are seeing more companies that are offering flexi-hours but we need corporate SA to put on a united front in this regard.  That, and more support for women solopreneurs! How about out-sourcing to women professionals who have chosen to hang-up their corporate stilettoes? How about more work-from-home options for working mothers?


Fourteen months ago, after years of being wracked by mother’s guilt, I decided to quit my full-time job at East Coast Radio to be a more hands-on mum. At the same time, I wanted to continue making an impactful and significant contribution to the South African communications industry. That’s how KZN Media and Communications was born.


I often wonder how different my situation would have been had I not had phenomenal family support. While societal and government-based support for women start-ups is there, it is insufficient. Let’s talk more about how we can better support working mums. Let’s have more systems in place to encourage women entrepreneurs. Let’s bolster our women so that we can actually be the best mum/best boss/best solopreneur at the same time.  For those of us pushing on despite the hurdles, challenges and curved balls, I say, “Take a bow, then take another!”

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