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4 ways you are ruining your business

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The proliferation of social media over the past decade and more has turned customer care and corporate service delivery on its head. Gone are the days where you would email a client care division and wait for them to respond; or connect to a call centre and wait for someone to get back to you. Now you can Facebook/Tweet/Instagram them your thoughts and get an instant response.

However, while there are many ways to interface with clients/customers, if a few basic communications tools are absent, you can kiss brand credibility, client loyalty and brand trust goodbye. And lose a few good clients/customers along the way. Take Nedbank, for example.

As a loyal client of more than 25 years, I naturally gravitated to Nedbank to open a business account, but was completely floored by the service received. So, dearest Nedbank, take note of the following advice on how to up your communications game plan:


Be quick. Make it count.

When a query comes through, you can’t afford to take days to respond. If, for example,  a key member of your team is away, support staff should step in to make contact with clients, if only to let them know that the individual will get back to them as soon as he/she returns. Silence and failure to return calls is unprofessional and does precious little for your brand. Deal with queries quickly, and provide the relevant information. You can’t “make things happen” otherwise, dear Nedbank.


Don’t be complacent.

Loyal clients are only as loyal as the service they receive.


Scrap schlepp. Make it easy.

If you are offering a product or service, make it easy for potential and existing clients to engage with what you have to offer.  If it is too much trouble for clients, they will find the product/service elsewhere. A rival bank requires half the paperwork – and hence half the trouble – to set up a business account. So, Nedbank where do you think I will be taking my business?


The extra mile

In such a tightly-competitive business environment, brands need to do more, give more, go further to retain or attract new customers. That extra 10% or 2% for that matter is the clincher for clients who are spoiled for choice in terms of service providers. How does your business differentiate itself from others? Nedbank, a rival bank offered to send someone to my home to open my business account. Does it make life easier? Yes. Am I impressed? Oh yes.


Anisa Ussuph has more than two decades of experience in South African media and communications. She is the Managing Director of KZN Media and Communications.

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